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SUPERHOTline Miami Deluxe

What happens when you mix SUPER HOT with Hotline Miami ? You get SUPERHOTline Miami ! · By Albatr

Level HARD from VIPerm

A topic by viperm created Mar 07, 2016 Views: 1,722 Replies: 3
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Hello from Russia. This is my first map. it is a very large map , with logical tasks . It's not just need to kill , and to think how to kill . On the map there are clues. From myself I will say , " Think of the amount of ammo " ) To pass on the first try did not succeed at anybody ) ) Soon I will write download walkthrough . (4 parts)

Great level!

I found it was a bit laggy on the web version, but it was still a great level.

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I do not know how to fix bugs . some units go through walls , and some are , when to go .

It's not that, I mainly play on the web and it gets really laggy when you load large maps. It seems to work fine though on the windows version.

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The windows downloaded version also lags. I think it's just because of how many enemies there is, there's not a lot you can do.

I don't think it's that, the honeysmasher levels have a huge load of enemies, but I've found no lag. I think it is due to the map sizing.

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Honestly , I have not received the map , and today decided to go from start to finish . It was only the fifth attempt .

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Map much lag, due to the copious amounts of units . So I decided to divide it into several parts

4 parts