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Superpowers Tutorial #3 Sokoban

A topic by Pax Fabrica created Feb 24, 2016 Views: 2,041 Replies: 2
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Tutorial series : Learn how to make video games by using Superpowers #3, Super Sokoban.

My plan is to provide a tutorial series of game development process as my learning go and to share my adventures in Superpowers with the community.

Of course I am always eager to learn and this tutorials can always be improved, this is why I stick to the open source philosophy of the community and let anyone open issues and fix the tutorials to allow everyone to adopt them.

Two ways to help, you can address in this tutorial post your problems, propose change and ask for tutorial clarity. Or if you feel comfortable with that, you can open an issue on github or even can improve the tutorial directly by submitting pull requests for the markdown files in the github repository.

Please, don't hesitate to say if you find mistakes, missing elements or unclear steps as it would help to improve this tutorials aimed to the Superpowers community. (Also, I am not an english native then don't think I would feel offended if you report my grammar and style with the language, I could improve this part too.)

Thank you and have fun making games ! :-)

Note : you can download zip for sources here.


Thanks for making these tutorials! I'm only familiar with Python and have no game dev experience, so going through your tutorials has been very helpful for me.

In terms of style/language, you have the words row/column backwards in the checkLevel() function: it should be rows=X and columns=Y

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Thanks I made the change. :)

Me too I came from python and it was a good background to jump in Typescript/Javascript6, I really love both of this languages now.