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Bird Jokes, and Bird Puns Sticky

A topic by Last Hour Games created Feb 22, 2016 Views: 1,885 Replies: 2
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Hey do you like puns? We are looking for the best and worst bird puns. Post them here and you might get to see them on the title screen in the next clash of the talons update!

You better watch this thread like a hawk.

What's a buzzards favourite song? Carrion my wayward son

Why couldn't the owl use the computer? It ate the mouse!

Hawk: Check out this magic wand a friend gave me! Owl: Who's was it? Hawk: Merlin's.

Eat Prey, Love!

What happens if a bird hurts its wing mid flight? its forced to use its Sparrowshute

Where do Eagles stay on their vacations? Hotel California

Sorry if these puns are Hawkward