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Twin Coves

a paranormal romance meets murder mystery visual novel set in a small seaside town 路 By Wisteria Games

Pretty Good Game!

A topic by ve_nus created Oct 01, 2021 Views: 443 Replies: 1
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The demo is looking good and the end was a perfect place to end it! Morgan is about to be MAD mad and I can't wait to play the rest of it! I was wondering if Damian, the guy we met at the beginning, is a RO? I was into Kai, but soon as I saw Damian he was the only one i was into romancing for my PC/Morgan. I really hope he becomes a RO...please, devs T^T I first thought he was  Xander but with longer hair until I met Xander himself lol Good luck and keep up the good work :)


Dami谩n is a stretch goal romance for the Kickstarter, so if he gets funded, he will be an RO in the game 馃槉