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Discord Server

A topic by Callum John created Nov 28, 2017 Views: 288 Replies: 2
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I, like a lot of my friends, use Discord for communication. The last competition I was a part of had an official Discord server for discussion, which I much prefer to forums like this due to the instantanious nature of communication , and  the ability to see what participants have gotten up to in real time. Could we have a server for this competition? It doesn't cost anything, and I think it would improve the sense of camraderie overall.

Thank you.

Sure, I'll sort one out today & put out invites. It was something we discussed before launch & then opted to keep to the forums because they're already integrated to the platform. If you and others would find it useful to have a Discord though, then I'm happy to set one up.

I'll keep it a really basic structure for now but if there's any suggestions, let me know.

Hi there.

Did you ever give out those invites? I don't think I ever got them...