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Acronia (alpha demo)

Smooth-scrolling VGA action game for IBM PC compatibles running MS-DOS. Run, jump, shoot, kill mutants, and survive! · By Hadrosaurus Software

Good job!

A topic by Astro Pup created 34 days ago Views: 10 Replies: 1
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This looks pretty good. I like the menu and the character design. Player characters look cool. Intro and credit screens look great too.

The player character seem to be more flexible than in 2D Duke games. It can also crouch, climb and shoot diagonally or jump down from the platform.  Which is great. A short skippable tutorial level would be usable to explain the basic moves to a user. But it's good without it too. I got it all after playing around in a minute or two.

The enemy AI doesn't really look that smart. I didn't have the sound on, so I don't know if there was any sound during the collision, but there aren't any visual effects. The enemy passes through player character.

But the game looks like it has great potential. All in all, good job!

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks! :)

Yeah, it’s definitely a work-in-progress. The enemy behavior is one of the weakest aspects, and I hope to improve it in future versions.

I hadn’t given any thought to a tutorial level. It sounds like a pretty cool idea. I’m hoping that whatever the first level ends up being (it may not be the one that’s in there now), will teach the player how to control the game just by presenting them with challenges, kinda like Mario.

There’s no sound just yet. I do hope to give some kind of audio feedback to collisions. The enemies passing through the player is intentional; I figured making them block the player would be unfair in 2D. I would like to add some kind of effect, like a small knockback or something, as long as it’s not too punishing. :)

Thanks for your feedback! I hope you stick around for more!