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Empires and Tribes Demo

Medieval realtime strategy in first-person view. · By empiresandtribes


A topic by markfamily created Nov 19, 2017 Views: 228 Replies: 2
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Played the demo and enjoyed it, even through its early development was impressed. Have you got a roadmap of your plans etc


The following list includes the features which are planned to be implemented/are currently in the development. Feel free to post own suggestions and expansions:

Environment: Heightmap generation  and texture processing nearly closed. Though: Improvement of some shader issues and small details.

Wildlife: Passive animals like cats, dogs, birds,... Aggressive animals like wolves which may complicate the surviving in the beginning of the game.

World: Maps! On the one hand the sandbox mode maps list will be extended. On the other hand, the planned campaign will ship with a lot of unique maps. Interaction between these maps could be a coming feature.

AI: The main feature which is not included in the demo as it is under development currently. AOE like AI which builds and extends its own settlement, manages resource gathering and citizen labour, deploys units and fights the player.

Combat system: Under dev. Four different unit types (swordsman, pikeman, knight and archer), with three subcategories each, have been designed so far. Melee, ranged combat and siege are planned.   

Diplomacy: Ability to interact with the AI and other kingdoms in a non-violent way.

Events: Town fire, fair,... with positive and negative effects on the contentment of your citizens.

Legislation: L. enables the option to alter the contentment and the productivity. L. will include laws concerning the working hours, taxes, religious freedom and more. 

Contentment: Influenced by local events and the legislation. Negative values could result in the emergence of maroding bandits.

Side quests: Smaller quests like "Help the local smith to settle its dispute with the innkeeper". More complex quests like chasing the bandits.

Campaign: A load of work, intrigues and alliances designed to adorn your path to the crown.

Audio: Implementing of additional ambient sounds and music.

excellent cannot wait for the finished game or do you plan eatly access