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Thanks to the Devs for an enlightening weekend

A topic by Grognard1815 created 85 days ago Views: 68
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*** Mild Spoilers ***

Dear Devs,

I didn't really see any other clear avenue to say thanks, so here goes!

I wasn't quite sure what I was expecting when I downloaded this game at the weekend, mainly to satisfy my increasing obsession with Minotaurs over the past few years, but I was hooked to the point of having to play with my phone charger plugged in.

All I can say is bravo, what a journey. I could give a superfluous review but I will just say thank you for a few things.

Thank you for your dedication to your craft. Lots of writers turn to the classics in urban fantasy settings as a substitute for imagination and depth, but you clearly know your stuff beyond a superficial Hollywood level. Any elements you've changed or re-invented are surely more enjoyable than the original myths. I almost wanted to clap when Asterion's brother unleashed his oratory during the trial. There's something very comforting about Hades being the most benevolent of the 12.

Thank you for the humour, the mental image of Luke possibly fighting [NaziFurs?!?!] during WW2, the opportunity to RP as English with the wry Francophobia towards Jean (Asterion's reaction was priceless!), and the general sense of restraint in keeping things from getting too wacky.

Thank you for the new experience of a Latin American story without drug king pins and American-centric view, though I must confess it took me a few Hinterlands acts before I worked out it was meant to be Brazil, I assumed initially it was a sort of nowheresville wasteland that could exist in many countries, but that just reflects my own ignorance really.

Thank you for making Asterion someone you want to hug and protect for ever and not a digital sex toy.

Most importantly I want to say thank you for your depiction of male friendship and male love, which is something that's definitely lacking in general fiction I've read. The whole thing was very eye opening in some respects and has filled some voids I didn't really know were there.

While I need some time to recover before I play again I'm really excited for the future of the game. Thank you so much!