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Caves of Qud

Chisel through a layer cake of thousand-year-old civilizations. · By Freehold Games

Palladium Reef + New Character Creation feedback thread Sticky

A topic by Freehold Games created Aug 31, 2021 Views: 670
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Developer (1 edit)

We've posted a beta patch for our latest feature arc, Palladium Reef + New Character Creation. If you'd like to help us test it, download the cavesofqud-windows/osx/ we just made available.

Our focus right now is on broad scale testing: big bugs, big balance issues, and big UI issues. Here are four questions to guide your feedback.

  • How does the new character creation sequence feel?
  • What bugs did you run into during the chargen sequence?
  • What bugs did you run into in Lake Hinnom or the Palladium Reef?
  • For a level 30+ character, how does the balance feel in Lake Hinnom and the Palladium Reef?

Here are bugs we know about that you can ignore:

  • None of the new creatures/items/etc have descriptions.

We're happy if you're able to test the late-game regions with a legitimate character, but we're also providing a wish that'll fast-foward you to level 30 (don't use this if you care about spoilers!)

Wish for 'reefjump' to fast-forward to Lake Hinnom at level 30.

Thank you, friends. Live and drink!