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First time user: can't even make a sprite.

A topic by szocske created Feb 13, 2016 Views: 327 Replies: 3
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Hi,Just found out about SuperPowers, from the description it looks like something I could use to get my kids started making games.

So I downloaded the server (Windows 64 bit, don't ask), and started following this tutorial:

  • Logged in with a browser (recent Chrome),
  • created a game,
  • created a sprite,
  • uploaded the octopus logo as the texture,
  • set the grid size to the image size,
and now I have a small section of the image over-magnified in the bottom "preview" pane,.and nothing in the top half. What am I doing wrong? Is it that complicated? If so, can I download skeleton projects to maybe try some more mature parts of the editor?

Maybe a screenshot of the problem could help?

When creating a project, you can use the platformer template to have something you can work on.
If you want more complete projects, you can check out here https://github.com/superpowers-extra

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Did you check the tutorial of game from scratch, it give a nice introduction to the software ?

Here the part 3 on sprites : http://www.gamefromscratch.com/post/2016/02/09/Superpowers-Tutorial-Series-Part-Three-Sprites.aspx

From your description, I imagine you didn't setup the grid image to have your complete sprite in the view. (But I maybe wrong because you say you did it, don't hesitate to explain more of your problem, maybe we can help).


Sorry about the rushed complaints, I had a limited amount of time to try this out, and wasted it all uploading a single sprite...

I was trying to follow this tutorial step by step:


Next time I'll try it from a few different browsers and OS-es, and grab some screenshots with less embarrassing stuff on the sides :-)