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Masteroid Beta

Mine, explore and conquer in this atmospheric space experience! · By profexorgeek

v0.4.0 Bug Reports Locked

A topic by profexorgeek created Oct 27, 2017 Views: 79 Replies: 3
This topic was locked by profexorgeek Nov 30, 2017

This build is now closed. Please report any bugs in the latest release!

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This is the place to post any issues you have with the 0.4.0 build so I can fix them! Happy playing.

Purchasing a ship doesn't seem to work right. I bought a "Fork" and can't figure out how to use it. I bought another one and it still doesn't seem to be in any of the menus.

I think the problem is actually that the current ship name is missing from the sell dialogue


Thanks for reporting! When you buy a ship the game automatically sells your existing ship and applies that credit towards the new ship. The ship you start with in the game is the Fork so you are actually selling your old Fork and buying a new one, losing the difference each time :(

As you noticed, the real bug here is that I'm not making it clear what your current ship is (which also is tough when buying weapons).

I hope to overhaul all of the game UI to be far more functional based on player feedback, as well as prettier to fit into the game better. The UI is "programmer art" at the moment and is missing some important components.

I have logged your issue, thanks for playing!

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