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Single player turn-based fantasy strategy game for Mac/PC/Linux · By Frogames

Farabel Alpha 0.1

A topic by Frogames created Feb 03, 2016 Views: 251
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What's new in Farabel Alpha 0.1?

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This is the very first alpha version so everything is new.
The game is in english. It will be localised by a pro at the end of the development, meanwhile translations are made in-house and you may notice bad typos :)
Remember this is an early alpha version. Everything can change, and nothing is final!


- Simple tutorial. 2 short battles, "First contact" and "The Camp", to learn the basics.
- Test Battle 1. "The foot of the White Mountains"
- Test Battle2. "Panic in the lower City"


- Miliciaman Unit
- Priest Unit
- Horseman Unit
- Orc Scout Unit
- Orc Sharpshooter Unit
- Mounted Goblin Unit
- Goblin Unit
- Grom the alchemist Boss
- Cendor lvl1
- Cendor lvl2
- Isaïa lvl1


- Charge (Passive). The unit gets a Charge bonus when the it makes its movement in a straight line (minimum 3 hexs). Charge Effect : Strength+2 for this turn.
- Heal (Active). Restore 4 hit points to the target.
- Lightning (Active). Each enemy within a distance of 2 hexagones receives 2 damage points.
- Soothing fire (Passive). Whenever the unit moves or casts a spell, it slightly heal friendly units around it. Soothing fire Effect : Restore 1 hit point.
- Poisoned dart (Active). Inflicts 2 damage points, stunned the target and causes it to lose 1 damage point per turn for 2 turns.
- Rage Potion (Active). Increases the Strength by 2 and the number of Counter Attacks by 1 for 5 rounds!




Click here to download the last version or to order Farabel