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Another Editor

A topic by SimplyB created Oct 13, 2017 Views: 970 Replies: 4
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I made this editor because HPOPS' one couldn't bulk import ROMS in a folder, so yeah, this one can.

I'll probably make a GameGo-like launcher since I would like to add some features but this project seems to be dead.

Would love to see someone have a go and make their own launcher. Been looking for something like GameGo since last year, especially if we can theme it

I would love make a launcher, however I don't know we're to start, so it'll take a while. 

The launcher I would make would be quite similar to gamego since I love it's simple interface, lightweight, and the fact that it launches quickly, which is something that I consider VERY important on a launcher but I've only seen it on gamego. 

If you know about coding you could help me or give me a few pointers since I don't know what to do it with. 

Nope not a coder myself, I am more on the graphical/html side, which is why i was looking forward to the HTML version of GameGO, so I could theme and customise it.

Unfortunately, now that's dead, I'm looking for someone to code a basic GameGo like Launcher.

hey, necroing this pretty fucking hard but y'all two dingus still using "whatever you could find in four years" then try looking at playnite :