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Paused (Pre-Alpha)

Publicly available for testing and feedback. · By ThoughtBread


A topic by Dobbelle created Oct 13, 2017 Views: 291 Replies: 2
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Love the game so far :)

I will post a few other bugs i found later on!

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Just saw it on youtube :D probably the fastest I saw to that point (including on events). 

Well done - I guess :D

We knew about some tricks but the one after the lift-room. We didn't know that far. Most speedrunners we had so far used the cogwheels to jump on (which was fine for us as it is quite tricky to get them placed verticallly - without them rolling away).

Love those videos for bug finding! But looks mostly like collider problems *phew*

Nice one! I've tried my own speedrun but I'm no good at these things so I hesitate a bit. Only second time running this path, I'm sure someone better than me can do this in less than 50 seconds.