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Where The Goats Are

Where The Goats Are is a slow-paced, meditative game about life and raising goats. · By Memory of God

Windows Requirements

A topic by bunnygirlk created Oct 09, 2017 Views: 340 Replies: 5
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After reading amazing reviews, I was really excited about purchasing and playing the game -- unfortunately, when I tried to open the game, it's telling me that it's incompatible with my version of windows? (Window 7 32-bit). However, I didn't see any notices that i was only compatible with 64-bit. Is there a workaround of some kind? 

Hi, only thing I could think of is maybe downloading a 64bit Windows Emulator, wouldn't know though, am running 64 bit myself. Ill put a link anyways.


Hi bunnygirlk,

Sorry about this. Somehow I thought it would be compatible with 32bit OS, but apparently not. I have made a special build just for you! Here is a wetransfer link:

If you could confirm that it all works OK that'd be amazing, I'll then upload it to the game page for all users of 32bit Windows to enjoy :)

And thanks Grebs for swooping in with a solution! I don't know how this would fare on an emulator, luckily we don't have to find out :)

All the best,

Memory of God

Hi Memory of God,

I've just purchased and downloaded the game, but it seems I can't run it due to the 32bit OS I have. Could you please help me with the compatible version of the game?

Thank you!


Hi NeaPopicu,

I just uploaded a Windows 32it version of the game on the main page. I never got confirmation that this build works so I hope it does!

All the best,

Memory of God

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Thank you for the quick reply!

The game now works on my PC.