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A NEAR DAWN // Visual Adventure

Be consumed by darkness and light in this dark humorous psychological thriller adventure! · By Far-off Daydream Games

A Near Dawn Let's Play

A topic by Clown Nebula created Oct 08, 2017 Views: 304 Replies: 1
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As italian, I'm proud of the fact that you recreated the happiness of being completely covered in pasta! I loved the game and the humor of it, also impressed with the dark parts of the story which make a nice touch to the composition for the sake of variety :D

Overall it is a very enjoyable experience, and I made a video of it:

if you want to check, I wish you the best of luck for the kickstarter campaign, and I want a romance with don Juan. A totally straight romance of course. Cheers!


Haha! That's amazing!
I'm glad you had so much fun with it, Clown Nebula!  :)
My favorite comment was "... she is the closest thing to a zombie I've seen."
Thanks! I think Don Juan might like you.  ;P