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Armament Recommendations General

A topic by GA_Maple created Oct 05, 2017 Views: 123 Replies: 1
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Below is a collection of weapon concepts/ requests pulled from the Discord discussion in recent history from both devs and players:

  • A "Fan of Knives" style weapon that can fire single shots or a horizontal fan if charged sort of like Crow Quills from Darksouls 3.
  • A knife or other item that can be thrown or launched that allows you to teleport to where it ends up.
  • A finished version of the HE-AR concept (high explosive assault rifle "fix" to the AR) which is essentially a reloadable hand held version of the mid-range rockets currently in game as shoulder and back armaments. Popular balance options seem to be making it burst fire or forcing the user to stand still when firing for a larger magazine (around 15) or firing when moving with a smaller clip/ magazine (around 10). May or may not need an updated model as RedRoary seems to want to keep the old AR as is and make this its own thing.
  • A weapon that leaves a floating minefield/ depth charges that explode and deal damage when either player makes contact or shoots them. Disappear after a while and only a certain number can be active on the field at once. Probably a back or shoulder weapon.
  • A back based melee weapon, IE a "sword funnel" that is somewhat similar to Virgils Spiral Swords. May or may not damage the mech in order to activate it for balance. Lore for this would be using the mechs armor to make light weight magnetized blades from its own frame.
  • A "blastblight" from Monster Hunter type sticky bomb weapon that attaches to an enemy mech (maybe hovers around if clipping is an issue) that explode after a certain time, but can be shaken off by boost dodging. Purpose is to punish people who overboost or to act as a counter to high speed mechs.
  • A stylish gunslinging revolver pistol weapon that does different things based on directional inputs (which results in poses).
  • A drone type thing that will fire a single shot or small number of missiles every few seconds automatically and can be destroyed or will vanish after a set time. Possibly similar to the "sky missiles" Weebunny accidentally created when testing the HE-AR initially.
  • A bow type weapon that starts as a projectile, but if held turns into hitscan (how is this going to work one handed?).
  • A gun that shoots its bullets in an arc based on the directional input used when shooting.
  • A "super combine" type projectile weapon that after a certain number of shots hit an opponent within a given time, something happens like providing the player a small temporary melee buff or a large one swing only type melee buff. (would need some sort of visual indicator like making the melee weapons equipped glow; former proposed AR "fix").
  • A backpack type back armament that would let you carry one extra normal one handed weapon and when used would swap out your current left handed weapon for what's in the backpack essentially letting you enter a fight with three one handed weapons.
  • A sheathed katana back weapon that has a long range and deals high damage, but needs time to charge up. Sort of like the HF Blades in Metal Gear.
  • A low weight gun option (around 500). Proposed basic idea was "The MB without the blade".
  • Something that can pull in players in from mid or long range to close range. Like a chained kama or gravity beam.
  • A mace/ flail/ morningstar type weapon (maybe akin to king henrys gun-mace?)
  • A Crucifix of the Mad King from Darksouls 3 type weapon that does AOE stuff to mess with reactionary players.
  • A dagger that can change modes; one dealing mostly armor damage, the other mode dealing mostly stability damage.
  • A back armament that increases the amount of ammo per clip/ magazine and speeds up reload and recharge times for range weapons.
  • A fist type weapon, either brass knuckles, a "Durian fruit" looking one, or a giant pilebunker type fist, or a fist type weapon that when fully charged and activated causes a transparent "ghost" like version of your mech offset you (using your glow color) that will match your actions on a delay for a short time frame (only doing melee damage). Last option may work better as s super move should such a thing ever be added.
  • A rapier type weapon focused on thrusting and forward momentum with other directional being dodges to thrust or multiple jabs. Weebunny said it would be possible to provide it the ability to shoot the blade or a beam as well as preform a parry.
  • A shoulder melee weapon that when used would extend and cause the mech to go into a spinning top type animation. Other option would be a giant spike or something for a shoulder tackle.
  • A shield that has a charge meter that starts on empty and fills based on blocked damage (or number of hits, say 10). When full it enables an alternate fire that results in an explosive bash attack dealing a % of the damage it received to an opponent when the bash connects. If the shield user blocks while the meter is full, maybe something bad happens to them like they become easier to stun, the shield doesn't work, or the damage goes off on them instead.
  • A shield that also provides a range option sort of like the Gatling Shield. Ideally it would be something like taking one of the shoulder Gatling as they currently are with ammo around 100 and putting a shield onto it. Gun does not recharge or reload for keepaway balance.
  • A flamethrower or flair gun (may be a good option if two handed weapons are ever a thing).
  • A two handed chain gun that starts very accurate and fast, but slows down and increases its bullet spread the longer it's fired.
  • An internal that allows for longer flight time.
  • An internal that increases the boost dodge length.
  • An internal that lets you to cancel mid boost dodge to other actions (IE stopping your boost short to swing a melee or change direction).
  • An internal that lets you more effectively combo from shooting to melee swings.
  • An internal that lets you "transform" weapons quicker.
  • An internal that reduces your clip/ magazine size a certain amount and gives you little more ranged damage.
  • An internal that is heavy (maybe around 2500 & maybe multiple slots) that gives a flat or % (around 20) increase to damage.
  • An internal that increases the rate of fire and damage done by fists while reducing stability damage.
  • An internal that allows you to fire shoulder and back weapons at the same time.
  • An internal that performs "multi-lock" for larger groups of enemies when firing missile type weapons.
  • An internal that takes up multiple slots and fires a few swarm or one arc type missile from the mech every few seconds automatically.
  • An internal that takes up all slots and when you are on your last bar of armor puts you in a panic state providing a temporary boost to speed and all forms of damage, maybe at the cost of receiving double damage yourself while in this state. Would need a visual indicator.
  • Internals that add flat guaranteed bonuses for non armor stats like 500 Speed, 5% Melee bonus damage, 500 Strength, etc.
  • Small stat bonuses when all your mech parts (head, torso, arms, legs) are all from the same manufacturer (or maybe set like Kodiak). Like 100 extra speed, 3% extra melee damage, 200 armor, 100 weight reduction on a class of armaments like shoulder, etc.

Posted as per request from my compilations from discord discussions tonight. Feel free to add any additional for easy reference.

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