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A topic by R08ster created Jun 23, 2021 Views: 391 Replies: 3
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Hi . I have a problem with starting the game. I open the game and it will throw me out immediately. I hear the ingame-sound for one or two seconds, but it closed itself. On my old device (Samsung S 5 neo) it goes totaly well but on my new system (Samsung A 12) it says ''An error occurred while parsing the packeage.'' I allowed to install unknown apps and I dont know what to do now... could it be that my android (android 11) isnt compatible?  Thanks for your help.

Wow I can't even download the APK itself it keeps saying "forbidden" after some time of downloading need help

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Same. But have you tried downloading while ob incognito? I did it once on another file with the same error but haven tried it on this game. Maybe I should try it first. Could be worth a shot.

Edit: nvm. I just tried it and didnt wort : (

Me too,