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Crashes no matter what I try

A topic by Imp created Sep 18, 2017 Views: 697 Replies: 7
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I'd love to give this a blast but I simply can't do anything with it.

Pressing any key that may do something other than cycling the main menu of cartridges with left and right cursors results in a crash :/


Have you python installed ?

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Python 2.7

It loads up, I can then scroll through the menus but if I try any button (z,x, F buttons) I get this..

Windows 10 64bit, Intel i7 3770, 16gb ram with Nvidia 1070gtx


ah ok sorry you will need python 3. I will add a comment

OK cheers for the heads up.

It happens to me too, Even if I have python 3 installed.

Also, I have installed Lua but I don't have Rust installed.

CPU: AMD FX-8320E      8 Core        3.20 GHz

GPU: NVidia GT 1030

RAM: 16 GB


64-bit CPU and OS

OS: Windows 10 Pro

Same thing with me, I'm allready in py3.9.6 in Path and all but it crashes.

i can’t even load it on mac. it simply says something about exec format being wrong and then ends the process. never even opens a new window, this just the debug output in terminal.