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Planning updates for Level Editor Sticky

A topic by Adam Moore created Jan 19, 2016 Views: 327 Replies: 1
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Developer (5 edits)

If you or someone you know has made levels in the Chesslike level editor on, please let them know, or post feedback here about how we could improve the experience. We're planning to add the following features:

-Must beat your own level for it to be published

-Social sharing of level deep links(playable by anonymous players)

-Improved display of player levels with paged, sortable lists

Any other improvement suggested will be taken seriously. Thanks in advance!


Some of the current top levels(anonymous guests can play):

Flip Flop -

Queen Bloodbath -

Tool1 -

King vs. Wives - (I imagine this one will be removed once we implement the author needing to beat their own level for it to be published. Maybe we'll keep a few around. They're quite funny.)