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Fjall is an epic 2D platformer set in a magical world. · By dimecoin

Fajll 1.2 Released.

A topic by dimecoin created Jan 19, 2016 Views: 223
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Version 1.2 :

This is a huge update. Some highlights are adjusting controls for better play, adjusted forms, level changes and tons of bug and performance fixes.

Special thanks to both Nax_o and maplesyrupghost for the quality of feedback and suggestions they have sent.

Increased max Light Ability time (for normal form) from 5 seconds to 9.

Charge ability (Earth Form) can now charge in all 8 directions!
Charge ability power was slightly adjusted.
Charge ability now has directional arrows indicating direction you will charge in.
Charge ability now requires you to be touching ground or walls to use.

Increased jumping impulse slightly (higher jumps).
Double (second) jump is now same power as a normal jump.
Wall jumping/wall climbing is now allowed!

Wind form is less floaty, easier to control and a bit faster now.
Flying (wind form) now allows for jumping.

Mana Hud will turn red if you don't have enough energy to cast spells.

Crystal crack effects are now redish to better indicate damage.
Damage crystals are now tinted red to indicate danger.
Spears and arrows are now tinted red to indicated danger.

Damage and Health regeneration now have text messages indicating values gained or lost.
Mana now has a better visual indicator in HUD when fairy is active.
Health and Mana fairies now have text messages indicating their function.

Level updates:
level.1: Updated meshes and adjusted lighting.
level.2: Fixed some unfair (blind) damage collision and cleaned up level mesh.
level.2: Added 'Danger' sign in front damage crystals to warn new players.
level.5: Fixed a bug with one of the lantern sounds not working.
level.7: Removed some damage crystals to make level less difficult.
level.7: cleaned up a lot of meshes.
level.7: Added a health fairy.
level.20: tried to make the map faster paced with more ramps and smoothed out some jumps
level.20: relocated fariy and keys to new fun locations.
level.20: adjusted backgrounds.
level 26: Cleaned up an awkward jump.
level.31: Cleaned up some badly placed blocks. Added more bottle breaking.
level.32: Added lanterns and more grass.
level.32: Former caretaker gives you a hint on the way out.
level.36: Removed some spikes, gave health fairy and put 'danger' sign.
level.37: Removed some badly placed spikes to make level more fair.
level.37: added some bubbles effects for fun.
level.38: Increased maptime so that Ocelot achievement is now possible.
level.39: added both health and mana fairies
level.39: adjusted level so easier to navigate
level.39: added sound effect.
nonplayer maps added or updated: green and dimehq

Jumping is now way more responsive to input.
Double jumping is now more responsive.
Fixed bug where jump key won't fire jump event.
Fixed an issue with controls pulling in "opposite" direction when using game controller.
Using analog pad is now more sensitive to fine tuned actions.
Xbox 360 controller is better supported in linux.

Tweaked lighting settings for better performance.
Startup time/loading time is almost twice as fast now.

Fixed input for debugconsole in linux.
Fixed bug with correctly reporting the total number of coins collected per level.
Fixed bug with map select, so that it will starts you out in a reasonable position (instead of level 1).
Fixed bug with Mana faries not being reset at end of level.
Fixed bug with water form trigger not spawning key under certain conditions (level.32).
Fixed quite a few typos.

Switched from packages to directory for game resources, to allow easier modding.
Removed old assets to optimizes download and disk usage.
Streamlined backend build system so patches can be deployed faster.
Integrated game engine into Fjall project.
Optimized compression on png images for smaller download size.
Loading time is now reduced for game and levels.