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Born of Bread

Fun and quirky turn-based RPG in which you play as a small bread person! · By WildArts Games

Bug Experiences and Overall Review of the Demo

A topic by CardboardPI created May 22, 2021 Views: 192 Replies: 1
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Some issues I encountered while playing:

The mushroom on the way to the top of the village (on the waterline) can cause you to get stuck

in a position where it constantly chucks you into the water. Leading to an inevitable game over.

I also had this occur by accidently jumping behind the mushroom sellers in Lapwing village as well.

Several attempts were made on the tutorial for fighting and because of some error where the elder was invisible.

This caused the dialogue box to be wonky, me being unable to damage the elder, and when I needed to dodge 

the game softlocked. 

(I have no clue what exactly what the cause of this bug is.  I tried to isolate what seemed to allow this to happen but 

sometimes what I thought was the issue was completely fine and sometimes it wasn't.)

I was able to jump and open the pause menu during the opening cutscenes with the bus, though amusing

with the jumping, the opening of the pause menu seems like that could lead to issues, perhaps have a

bool/flag set to prevent the opening of the menu in certain situations (ie. cutscenes/dialogue).

I don't know if this is intentional but the flattening has some sort of cooldown before it can happen again,

or there is a specific area to be standing in, this causes the presser to go through "Loaf" at least 2 or 3 

times before he can be flattened again.  Looks a bit jarring.

After doing the battle tutorial you can walk away from the elder bird, this causes a softlock

A weird bug when opening the menu causes the game to lag a bit. I suspect it has something to 

do with the video quality setting, as the default is set to Buttery setting even though I have 

lowered it to a lower level in the main menu. Also after using the options tab in the pause menu,

no inputs seems to be registered, and must be opened and closed for the pause menu to work again.

Continue does not work, simply restarts the demo as if you opened the application.

NOTE: I have gotten the Continue to work later on but it is odd that the Continue option appears

but doesn't work as intended.

One time I had information in the Bestiary about 2 enemies I have never encounter right after the 

intro cutscene.  I found this bizarre.  Why would the information about those 2 enemies be revealed to me?

(It was the spidust and funguy enemy, just fyi)

You are able to move in battle with the analog stick, this leads to very jarring behavior from the enemies,

and your characters. Lint was fainted and I was able to move Loaf offscreen and Lint's body would follow 

him offscreen and zip back to his original position.  BIG BUG!  I only got this to happen in the first few fights

in the quarry area. After a couple of fights this bug stopped occurring. 

(I wish I was able to record this because it looked very crazy.)

I would recommend adding a confirmation when clicking/choosing the "Exit Game" button in the pause menu. 

Boons and weapons get unequipped after returning from a game.  I assume there is no saved information about

what is equipped thus the game starts with nothing being equipped. I know this will get fixed in actual development,

but was annoying to deal with.

The ice sword caused Loaf to jitter and run back and forth after using it.  This made for some weird animations

in his other attacks.

When obtaining Loaf's special move it somehow allowed me access to Lint's special without having to purchase from the

Boon shop from the Lapwing.  I assume grabbing one special unlocked the special moves, but forgot to check if the player

has the boons necessary to use the special move.

The Boon shop allowed me to purchase the same boon more than once, also there was no confirmation causing me to

buy 2 of the same boon.  I would recommend adding a confirmation or simply have the boon as SOLD OUT if having more

than 1 of the same boon is useless.

I had a weird issue with the final boss in the demo where the camera's, Loaf's, and Lint's positions where messed up. 

Apparently they got stuck on some of the stairs, even though in the cutscene before the fight they were nowhere near 

the stairs.  This caused a several issues. The camera was placed at an angle where understanding where the hitboxes

or enemies was confusing.  Loaf and Lint had to physically move all the way from up the stairs to the enemies, (which one

I was targeting was unknown to me as the UI was messed up as well), and then they moved back up the stairs. Finally 

since the 2 were up the stairs whenever an enemy tried to attack I was softlocked because they couldn't get to the

Loaf or Lint.

MAJOR BUG: So I saw that when you press the stamp after choosing to level up HP, WP, or RP, you can do the stamp

animation again.  So I just decided to see if I could stamp another one.  When I did it  I was able to do it, I thought 

oh it probably just did it visually and nothing would be increased, only the first one I chose. WRONGO!  It leveled both up.  

So then I thought, well if I am fast enough would it be possible to level up all three.  You can!  You can level up HP, WP,

and RP in one level up!  That is crazy, and will easily destroy balancing so I thought it would be important to fix this 

issue ASAP.  

(I would recommend adding a flag to see if one of the three has been increased if so don't let the player increase others)


This demo is amazing! From the visuals (even though I played on lower graphics) the game is just breathtaking. There were

points where I would just stare at the scenery because of how fantastic things looked.  How energetic the forest was, the

village was huge and lived in, the Quarry and Mine were very ambient and added a lot to the environment, and to the 

behavior of the Badgers.  

The writing is phenomenal!  Very humorous, feels like the dialogue is very well written for the characters they are attached.

Ton of wit and character is placed in every single dialogue.  I love that characters had more dialogue after talking to them

a couple of times, really adds volume to the game.  I would just go around talking to everybody, and it was rewarding not 

just for the dialogues but for the extra content, in terms of rewards or missions, they give you.

I love the characters visually, Loaf is amazing especially his dialogue being only emoji/emoticons. Lint is so cute and a good

buddy (racoons are one of my favorite animals).

The music, my god the music is probably the best thing. Once I heard the music as soon as the game started I just was 

quiet so I could take it all in.  You have an amazing composer.  The battle music is very energetic and enjoyable, I 

love the mine version, the subtle changes make a great addition.

All in all, if this is just the demo I will gladly wait for the full game whenever it comes out with baited breath.  What is 

really amazing is that this seems to be your second game.  I wish you guys all the best of luck with this project. You have

a really fantastic product here that tons of people will be ready to play when it comes out.

(Sorry if some of the formatting is weird I was writing this in Notepad.)

Thank you for taking the time to write down the bugs you encountered as well as your suggestions and comments! It's unfortunate you got a lot of bugs. We playtested a lot and thought we had an almost bug-free demo, but turns out you gotta playtest on a super big sample of various computer builds! :P