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My Burden to Keep

An interactive short story. Solve the murder/clear your father's name. · By Perpetual Diversion

Now playable in ScummVM!

A topic by Thunderforge created May 18, 2021 Views: 135
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You may have heard that ScummVM is adding support for AGS. I tried it with My Burden to Keep and, after reporting an issue where the game wasn't detected properly, it now loads in the latest development builds.

Since ScummVM runs on pretty much every platform under the sun (Sega Dreamcast, anyone?), that means My Burden to Keep will now run for those platforms too!

I'm not super familiar with the game, so I haven't noticed yet if ScummVM has bugs compared to the original, but perhaps someone with more experience with how it's "supposed to be" can compare and then file any necessary bug reports with ScummVM.