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V0.1.2 Bug Reports and Errors Sticky

A topic by Starkium created Sep 02, 2017 Views: 77
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  • Changed Fire effects
  • Updated Attachment meshes
  • Added Exploding barrels
  • Added Wave counter on wrist UI
  • Game is now also available on


  • Need to close and reopen game on first launch
  • No door to the zombies in the shooting range  -> Added doorways, but they aren’t playing nice with the nav mesh. Need to investigate.
  • Two handed grip of shotgun may cause internal bullet collision
  • Bow has floating faces near the ends
  • Wand fireball occasionally does not collide with the floor
  • Attachment spawners in survival map sometimes spawn ammo clips? (yeah I have no clue either)
  • Buying the sword doesn’t immediately attach to player hand
  • Menu button doesn’t close menu -> Temporary close button added to menu
  • Pistol accuracy is too low on the z- axis -> meant to be a short range weapon anyway
  • Wand fire particle effect has smoke move in unison
  • Certain areas of survival map cause zombies to not “see” you -> keep moving and they will see you
  • Sometimes can’t grab clip from ammo belt -> if you move you will be able to grab from you belt
  • Lighting probably too dark
  • Flashlight doesn’t cast light far enough
  • I know that isn’t how a scope goes on an AK47 -> still need to create mounting bracket
  • Attachments are still highpoly meshes Only The Iron sights need to be updated
  • Melee weapons don’t break bottles
  • Safe house map is huge compared to player scale
  • Lighting of controls diagram in safe house map is too bright
  • One menu selection highlights white instead of red
  • Steam API may not function correctly -> There’s actually no recent documentation on this and the app ID is still for development, not the official ID
  • If you reload your gun too close to your ammo belt you might store an empty mag -> check how many bullets are left on the side of it