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This is a (45 to 90 minute) indie VR game where things happen and then you laugh. · By AuggoDoggo

PAX in 2 DAYS!

A topic by AuggoDoggo created Aug 28, 2017 Views: 201
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I'm extremely excited to be presenting my game at PAX' GameJolt afterparty, and I've spent the last month or so preparing not only the game but alllllll of the marketing materials. It's exhausting to finish a game and then make a trailer and then make a website and take a million screenshots and then find out that you still have a couple bugs to fix before shipping out. But It's worth it every time I see someone new cackling when they experience something for the first time in Plunker. I'm trying to get the final Demo files online tonight, you can check the website for the time being as well as the trailer and tell me if there's anything that really stands out as really bad. Like if I forgot to put the name of the game in the trailer or something drastic. I know this isn't a very interesting post but I have also become extremely uninteresting this month, droning away, so maybe I'll be able to reflect back and post something worth reading after PAX! Woo!