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Blessing Alien Escape

Escape from the Area 51 disguising yourself of human objects! · By Cactus Game Studios, Dertzack, Arknostik

Demo -V0.0.2- Bugs and Feedback Locked

A topic by Cactus Game Studios created Aug 28, 2017 Views: 108 Replies: 3
This topic was locked by Cactus Game Studios Sep 30, 2017
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Hey everyone!
We released an update some days ago, pathcnotes here.
If you would like to share your feedback or tell us about some bug, feel free to use this thread.
There is more coming this week and we hope you guys like it!

Bugs found
1. The game starts in portuguese, but the english button is deactivated. 
2. The game crashed once during gameplay and I had to reopen the game as admin for it to work again. 
3. I can be very well blended as a table on the top of another table (???)
4. The NPCs field of view vanishes from time to time. 
5. Not a bug: the turret laser is almost invisible.
6. Not a bug: I had trouble understanding what was going on inside other rooms as I was in the middle of both rooms. The walls were visible decreasing the visibility.
7. Sometimes the character hits things it wasn't suppose to hit, like the bottom corner of the vent entrance.


Thank you, Luiz Sotero!
Your feedback is very welcome and thanks to you we can improve our game.
Some bugs have already been addressed and are coming in the next release, but we will take a look at everything and we hope that you can give us some more feedback later!

Looking forward to it! Thanks!

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