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Mac Version doesn't seem to work, any help? (UPDATE IT DOES!)

A topic by Alphatron24 created Apr 22, 2021 Views: 86 Replies: 2
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(I am updating this to let you know that I have managed to make the game work by using the Itch.Io app! Thanks for the support my daughter should be pretty happy.) 

Hey my daughter is really excited to play this game. but the version we downloaded for mac wont let us click on anything. The dialog box comes up where you pick a resolution and then a settings screen with volume controls but the mouse input doesn't seem to do anything and thats about it. She is trying to run the game on a 2012 macbook air. Just wondering if this is a problem with a known solution.


Hey there! We haven’t seen this issue come up for Macs yet, it may be the Mac model but we can double check to make sure. Would it be possible to send a summary of the issue and screenshots to Thank you and sorry about the issue!

ok, great i will send the info along thanks for the reply.