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Children of Midnight: Coven Digital Development Bundle

Wyld Witches and their covens taking on entrenched power structures in a dark modern day setting. · By Balsamic Moon Games Collective

Children of Midnight - Rules Basics

A topic by Balsamic Moon Games Collective created Apr 07, 2021 Views: 114
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Developer (4 edits)

A few changes to expect:

  • Willpower replaces Stress
  • Essence is used to power spellwork
  • Wyld Magic can be called upon when your back is well and truly against the wall
  • Each Witch has a Familiar with whom they share senses (and whose body they can control)

  • Grimoires replace Playbooks (9)
    • Animist, Arcanist, Baba, Green, Eclectic, Empath, Psyche, Shifter and Storm
  • Each Grimoire has:
    • 2 Starting powers
    • A Sensory power
    • 8 other unique powers
    • 2  xp Triggers
  • Over 30 powers that can be learned by characters of any Grimoire
  • Rituals which are learned and performed by the entire Coven
  • Robust crafting for Charms and Artifacts (and mundane items, too)