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A rhythm game compatible with the StepMania simulation files format. Tens of thousands of songs available online. · By

kind of odd issue?

A topic by WYVERNAGON created Apr 04, 2021 Views: 39
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I've uploaded some songs to my oculus, and it seems some dont want to load properly- their banner art loads but the charts and music itself wont- instead displaying and loading the info of the last song selected. None of them are ssc either, all of what i've downloaded are sm. All of the ones that seem to be having issues too are official DDR stepfiles too, but not everything of those fails either- I've gotten BE LOVIN, SOUL CRASH and Unbelievable to work right for instance but Pump up the Volume, Knock Out Regrets and Absolute won't.  Any idea of what could be causing this, and maybe what i could do to remedy this?