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a fangame of minecraft and terraria · By skyblueyoshi

does this game conteins virus?

A topic by QueSorraEres created Mar 30, 2021 Views: 916 Replies: 11
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well i tried downloading it, and windows notified me that a virus in the downloads had been stopped

I installed in my pc and nothing abnormal happen! Windows is a shit, and this kind of notification don't mean nothing.

lol ok thx

Windows picks up any app that's not a Microsoft verified app as a virus even an antivirus could be picked up as a virus

well some antivrus's can be viruses by tricking the person into thinking its an antivirus

well.. malwerebytes and avast antivirus are the only antivirus that i trust

it rund on my windows

Microsoft Mmmmmmmm

Microsoft in a nutshell

Yeah I got that problem but It is just because it does not recognize the publisher!

have Windows Defender ask you to run apps

of course not, I can download this game