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Evolution RTS

Evolution RTS is a free an Open Source RTS game designed using the Spring Engine. · By Scary le Poo

I cannot figure out how to even start the game.

A topic by jefflan13 created Mar 13, 2021 Views: 625 Replies: 2
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I feel like I am somehow missing a very simple step somewhere.  I made my donation, downloaded the zip file, and unzipped it.  In the root folder is 'Evolution RTS-portable.exe'.  From here I am very confused about how to even start a game.  I created an account, I tried to start a new_scenerio and a multiplayer game, but everything I do I get messages saying that it is missing dependencies, or missing some chubby file.  If someone can point me to a step-by-step how-to, I would greatly appreciate it.  

Thank you,


Developer (1 edit)

Oh damnit, I didn't even see this. I'm sorry. So basically Evo is in a lobby crisis at the moment. Spring has always had the problem of Engine Developers/Game Developers/Lobby Developers

I am currently uploading a release to the github at the moment that will allow people to use (Springlobby) to play the game. I genuinely don't have a better way to do it at the moment. I am sorry. I am working on the issue. There is an all in one server/lobby/dedicated host package being worked on and it is super nice, but it isn't ready. Until then I legitimately don't have any better options.

I'll see if I can refund your donation. If I can't just let me know your paypal email and I'll send it back to you (I haven't looked at the dashboard yet).

Edit: Refunded it via paypal and disabled donations entirely (honestly I kinda completely forgot that they were still available).


Fwiw, this has been resolved and everything works again