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game wont download

A topic by NIGTHRIDER1228 created Jul 18, 2017 Views: 265 Replies: 3
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I've been trying to download this game for the past 3 days and nothing is working. keeps on saying failed. The 64bit version will not download. Please fix this game looks awesome.

Same thing is happening but my computer isnt the best either. And ,yeah, please fix the game I really want to play!!

My computer is strong enough. When I download it gets stuck at 101MB out of 117MB.  Then it say failed and that's it. I try to refresh and all it says is failed.p

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It is not dev's fault that the game isn't downloading. Either it's your browser, internet connection or the itch servers that cause the download to fail. It's in no way your computer's fault. The download isn't working as planned nor the dev's fault. I'm literally in the middle of nowhere right now on vacation and there is basicly no cellular connection out here and our wifi is poor AF too. Yet still, I manage to download the game in a few minutes, no issues. What so ever. The issue lies with either you or Itch.io, not the devs as they're not the ones managing the downloads, that's Itch.io.