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Share LIKO-12 Games ! Sticky

A topic by Rami Sabbagh created Jul 17, 2017 Views: 4,437 Replies: 7
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Developer (2 edits)

Hello everyone,

Here's the place where you can post about your LIKO-12 Games.

note that the best way to share it with us is to use pastebin:

  • "save mygame -c"
  • "pastebin put mygame.lk12 -c"
  • And paste the code here !

Looking forward to see some awesome games :)


My LDJam 39 Game made using LIKO-12:

(1 edit)

My first game for LIKO-12. It's a port of a game I made in Love. Still work in progress ....


Son link, That's an awesome game !

A Game for the Liko-12


Awesome !

I made a Tetris clone.


Oh, Finally !, I have a one WIP, nice :)