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[Spoilers] Walkthrough Sticky

A topic by BerylForge created Feb 23, 2021 Views: 3,698
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Campus Magnum currently has 11 endings.

  1. No Winner: Conclude the Game Without a Winner.
  2. Three Pups: Give All Three Players "Loyalty" or Win with Lunar-Alignment and "Loyalty."
  3. Permanent Chastity: Win with Lunar-Alignment and without "Loyalty."
  4. Caleb's Gainer: Allow Caleb to Win with "Corpulence" and "Gain." 
  5. Caleb's Bro: Allow Caleb to Win with "Fatuity" and without triggering Ending 4. 
  6. Caleb's Boyfriend: Allow Caleb to Win without triggering Endings 4 or 5.
  7. Mark's Hog Handler: Allow Mark to Win while lunar-aligned with "Aroma," "Corpulence," and "Gustation."
  8. Mark's Sow: Allow Mark to Win while solar-aligned with "Aroma," "Corpulence," and "Gustation.
  9. Mark's Sluts: Allow Mark to Win with Solar-Alignment and without triggering Endings 7 or 8.
  10. Mark's Teammates: Allow Mark to Win with Lunar-Alignment and without triggering Endings 7 or 8.
  11. True Ending / Sandbox Mode: Win the Game with Solar-Alignment.

If you are having trouble getting an outcome that you want, here are some general tips and tricks to help you beat (or intentionally lose) the game.

Only Lie When It Matters. At the start of the game, players will believe you are telling the truth 80% of the time, and they will trust you more or less often based on how frequently you lie. In fact, just like in real life, your friends will never believe you if you only ever tell lies. To preserve their trust for times that you need it, only lie when it's advantageous.

Pay Attention To The Discarded Card. Bear in mind that, when you successfully lie, the other players will conclude they're being offered the card you discarded. Therefore, there's no point in lying if you drew two of the same cards or if the player wants the two drawn cards equally.

Fixations And Dissolutions Are Almost Always Valuable. Dissolution cards raise your score without the risk of resetting your points, and Fixation cards allow you to lower opponents' scores. These two cards are almost always useful to both solar and lunar-aligned players; therefore, it's a good idea to acquire them when you can. Moreover, your opponents are more likely to accept a card that's bad for them if they think it's a Dissolution or Fixation.

Players Will Target You More Often If They Don't Like You. All three players are pretty dismayed about what's happening to their bodies and minds, but there are some transformations that Mark and Caleb really don't want. Generally, if your actions lead to Mark becoming less masculine or Caleb becoming more slovenly, they will like you less. When deciding who to target with Sublimation and Multiplication cards, Mark and Caleb are more likely to choose the player they like the least.

Use the Author's Laziness To Your Advantage. Salt transformations can only be applied to each character once. If Caleb is already muscular, and you have the ability to offer him "Strength," he is guaranteed to reject the card. Likewise, in this scenario, if your character has "Strength," Caleb is guaranteed to accept it. You may similarly game the system using transformations that are incompatible. Character's can't be fat and thin, tall and short, strong and weak, etc.