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Red Rogue

Platformer-roguelike about punching people's heads off and combining loot. · By st33d


A topic by Badonionn created Feb 01, 2021 Views: 342 Replies: 1
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I know the developer won't be reading this,  but if you do, i would like to thank you. This was among the very first roguelikes i have ever played, and the one that got me into these kind of games. I used to play it a ton back then. Red Rogue made me discover a new world of game genre. It was a long journey, but unfortunately it eventually came to an end. With Flash Player being no longer supported, i hope you the best of luck with your future. I'll remember this little gem.


-An old fan

Only fair for me to add to this thread. Never really spoke up but now is good of a time as any: I really enjoyed this game and found it so refreshing, unique, and rewarding. It has a wonderful narrative and story that reflects a creative spark that I hope you continue to nurture, be it in games, writing, art, or whatever. My best wishes to you and for the future, and all of my thanks for this fond memory that I'll insist upon my friends when I get the chance.