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Raft, Pink screen?

A topic by TheRealChewy72 created Jul 05, 2017 Views: 1,398 Replies: 6
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i downloaded raft and did everything as instructed, everthing in the game works but the actuuall gameplay background (e.g water) its just pink. all the effects are there, just no image


okay, thanks for the help !

Answer The 3 Following Questions

1. Are You Using Raft 1.05 (windows) Or 1.04 (Linux, Mac)?

2. Is There A Deleted File In The Raft Data File?Reading. I Will Might FinReading. I Will Might Find A Answer Tod A Answer To

3. Did You Updated The Game?

If You Answer 3 Of Those Questions Above This Text That You Are Reading. I Will Might Find A Answer To Your Problem.


                                                                                                                                                    The Studio

how to find a solution?

Hi i really need help i installed the game from and i started the game but i get a pink screen i only see the play game and options menu and the steam box think and what look like torches or fire please help i have installed the newest direct x and updated my graphics drivers ??

It's Your Game FILES

how to find a solution?