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Oculus Quest from Oculus store - first impressions

A topic by axelfoley created Dec 26, 2020 Views: 210 Replies: 1
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Just downloaded 20 minutes ago from Oculus store. Using on Quest 1 through link cable. 

Although there is a manual image on this page/site I found for this app, it still is not clear how to change from one instrument to the next.  I bring up the menu in my left hand and still click every single button on my controllers and luckily once in a while get it to change. So confusing. Little help please? Press this then that to choose next instrument, would be great. 

What would make this app great is some play by simon says with colors lighting up the kettle drum area to strike. Sounds cool, but without lessons, pretty quickly frustrating. 

Saw you made an update the other day for the first time in a long time. Great. So happy to see you working on this, because FTV first time to value is huge. Right now I can't say I'll get there with the minimal instruction on how to get the right instrument up from that menu thing on my left hand and the lack of instruction to play. But will be back when this is "out of the box easy."

Keep up the great work.



Sorry to hear about that! The new menu works a little different than before, and we'll definitely take your feedback to heart and start thinking of ways to make the first-time experience more intuitive and informative.

To interact with the menu, hold the mallet in your right hand near (or above) what you'd like to select, and pull the trigger button to select. This should let you choose different instruments and access other parts of the menu using the tabs on the left side.

You're completely on point about the importance of the onboarding experience; There are lots of ideas in the backlog about how to make this better, including some kind of tutorial. A lot of the time and effort this year has gone toward rebuilding the app's code from the ground up to be up-to-date with the latest game engine and VR SDK standards, and to support running natively (and performing well) on the Oculus Quest. With that hard work finally behind us, usability improvements and new features are up next!