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Evolution RTS

Evolution RTS is a free an Open Source RTS game designed using the Spring Engine. · By Scary le Poo

macOS Support?

A topic by SiriusDark created Nov 23, 2020 Views: 388 Replies: 2
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I know you are working diligently on the windows version but I loved this game and I have made the move to macOS and specifically the Silicon Mac mini and would love to be able to play again. I am just wondering if you have plans for a macOS version in the future?



Unfortunately, no OSX version of the engine (that actually works) currently exists. Due to the awful lobby situation, that was one of the reasons for dropping explicit linux support (you can still play on linux, you just have to go through to do it).

If an OSX version of the engine happens some day (it hasn't in a year so far), then perhaps, but currently it's not possible.


I should point out that now that OSX is moving to ARM, this becomes even less likely.