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mini bluetooth controller

A topic by x68k created 31 days ago Views: 30 Replies: 2
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Can VR Comic Book Reader be used with bluetooth controller ?
How about like this bluetooth controller ?

The Oculus controller is large and unwieldy to watch while lying down.
It is best if the key assignment is returned for each controller.
With this, VR Comic Book Reader will be invincible as a comic reader.
Excuse me. I said too much what I wanted to say.

Good luck with development.


Thanks for suggestion. There are no short therm plans for the moment to support 3rd party bluetooth controllers. We take note and we might incorporate in the future.

I use an 8bitdo sn30 pro and it works well. Not the full experience like the quest controllers but easier to recline with. No zoom functionally though. It would be great if this was supported  by controller mapping settings.