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Silence Channel

There are sores which slowly erode the mind in solitude like a kind of canker · By Lexip_Games

Silence Channel's Streamers Sticky

A topic by Lexip_Games created Oct 25, 2020 Views: 203 Replies: 4
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If you want to experience a new kind of horror don't forget to take the time and play Silence Channel.

Special thanks to:

@ItsMartyyy     @hood_tastic   @TheGamian   @kperry42   @caedusmd   Creepовая   Lazy pun    Gamers Nation


Happy Halloween 🎃😉 don't forget to take a time and play Silence Channel game in these days 😉

Special thanks : Jar Red Gaming , LINONO , Cameron Koblinski , RobBoberty , HopInsteadOfJump , AE Garcia


Here you can watch some new game streaming selection of Silence Channel demo that we really enjoyed watching it.

SEROTHS GAMING,Hamitz,Kryptonix,Adrionic,Reaction Zero,CamSensei,WackyWarlock,MasterSwordValley


Please don't scare each other when playing Silence Channel demo! 😅🎮

Thanks :

MixoNat,Axstonix,Xmarie,Mylezeezz,KatZe,GrittGaming,Matchu,BopMan,Datura Plays,DarkerTC,Erderi The Fox


Don't forget to take a time and play Silence Channel demo😉🎮
Thanks :

TheOdie,Panda Bum,AdameK,Jonathick,Sashtopia,Mani,Хубилай,BiGeZMoGe