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Rapid Game Development December Discount

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Book Description

In this book, I will explain how I set up my game company and created and released my first game, within just a few months, all while working a fulltime job.

I will also share additional information that I feel might be helpful, even if I did not personally utilize it during the process. I want you to benefit from my research as well as my actions.

Finally, I will share my lessons learned, so that you can avoid the mistakes I made and replicate my success.

What this Book is not

This book is not meant to be an exhaustive guide to the different game development roles. Please do not expect to find programming tutorials, tips on how to create game audio and art, or information of that nature. There are many books and resources out there that do a great job in covering these specific roles. I am approaching this book from a more organizational, project management point of view. That being said, this book will also not help you to get a project management certification or anything of that nature. I want to give you tools and information to get you the help you need and GET THINGS DONE from wherever your current starting point is.

This book is also not about how to make your game into a bestseller. I’m still working on that one myself, in fact! I can help you create your dream game, but the rest is up to you - for now. I do include lessons learned in this book, so that you can avoid my mistakes and have more revenue, though, if revenue is one of your goals. I hope that my next book will include my keys to financial success!

How I Created a Game Business and My First Game in 3 Months