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The MansterSoft Best of 2017 Sale!

A sale hosted by MansterSoft
All items 100% off!
This sale ended 2019-01-01 04:00:00.

2017 was an exciting year here at MansterSoft. Thanks to "The MansterSoft Best of 2016 Sale" we were featured all over both and There were a few times in 2016 where we considered pulling out of altogether, but now we wouldn't dream of doing that.

Other than a few art games, we only released one large title, "Run-n-Jump-n-Jump-n-Run". This game was are biggest, but most expensive yet; a whopping $1.50!

"Run-n-Jump", along with the most popular of the 2016 games, will now be free through the year 2017! If you download it, you'll have access to it forever, even after it goes back to its regular price. What a deal!

Includes the following items:

ASCII Action! As minimal as an RPG can get
Role Playing
Cheer on an ASCII Turtle who just hit sexual maturity.
You're an ASCII Oat; Dodge the ASCII Slime Mold!
An ASCII Runner with Level Builder. A simple concept inspired by old-skool classics from the Atari, NES, and DOS eras.