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Summer Sale

A sale hosted by Disposable Games Studio
All items 50% off! or buy everything for $9.00! Regularly $19.88 Save 54%!
Offer ends in

It's summer time and you need something to do and I need some motivation and a bit of extra spending money wouldn't hurt help finish a couple new games.

In order to motivate myself to finish the next upcoming game Magnum Bullets: Case Closed (A mystery/puzzle game) I'm going to throw up another half off sale off of every single game and app we made. That included our new game that was recently released Escape from School (which also has a hidden download code for the full version of Magnum Bullets: The Trouble with Elder gods)!

Case Closed will be our newest adventure/puzzle/mystery game starring our hapless hero Magum Bullets.  Magnum is a noir styled detective (Think Harrison Ford in Bladerunner, Humphrey Bogard in the Maltese Falcon, and a little bit of Bruce Campbell Ash reluctant hero and bad luck). Mangum is not particularly liked, famous, rich, or even lucky.  He doesn't have many skills (unless you count loosing at the race track a skill and finding trouble), but the one thing he can do reliably is solve a crime.

Also the bundle price has
been lowered by almost $1, to $9 for everything! I'm talking Windows,
OSX, Android, and Linux versions every game, every version. Have fun and
game on

Includes the following items:

The Riddle Master is back and he has lured a unsuspecting brother and sister into his sinister trap.
Learn Japanese through this dating sim game
The Riddle Master has lured you to his devious tower in a dangerous game, can you escape?
A prank soundboard for online gamers to prank they are a gaming girl
A simple app to learn White Hmong
Learn Japanese with this adventure game.
A private investigator is asked to find a old book from a strange town. How hard could that be?
You are a private detective tasked with find a old book. How hard could it be?
Transferred to a new school, things are far from normal. Can you escape?
Transferred to a new school, things are far from normal. Can you escape?