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The MansterSoft Best of 2016 Sale!

A sale hosted by MansterSoft
All items 100% off!
This sale ended 2018-01-01 04:59:59.

2016 was an exciting year here at MansterSoft. We reached more people in one year than the previous 9 put together, GameJolt featured Oatboy vs. Slime Mold on their front page, Rock Paper Shotgun wrote a little blurb about Oatboy vs. Slime Mold, and every old program and prototype was updated and published... on GameJolt.

Oh wait, this is Well, outreach has been pretty lackluster in this neck of the woods, so as a punishment I'm charging all of you $1.00 to download my games.

But don't fret! The generous people here at MansterSoft are also announcing a 100% off of everything sale. What a deal!

Includes the following items:

Action! Diplomacy! Adventure! Elemento! Abortion?
ASCII Action! As minimal as an RPG can get
Role Playing
Cheer on an ASCII Turtle who just hit sexual maturity.
Laser Moles, Knife-Fighting Chimps, and an ASCII Snail
You're an ASCII Oat; Dodge the ASCII Slime Mold!
Four ASCII Games; One Poopy Pack!