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The LDJam 36 GameMaker: Studio csanyk asset bundle

A sale hosted by csanyk
All items 100% off!
This sale ended 2016-08-30 01:00:00.

Enjoy all of my GameMaker: Studio assets for free for the duration of Ludum Dare 36 weekend!

Donations appreciated if you feel like they're worth anything!

Your reviews and feedback are very appreciated! Please leave a review or send me a message if you like my stuff, have suggestions, or find a bug!

Includes the following items:

Store level data for your GM:S project in an image file. Now any image editor is a level editor!
Is move_wrap() too limited for your GameMaker: Studio project? Try iMprOVE_WRAP instead!
Snap your GameMaker: Studio views one chunk at a time instead of scrolling. For that retro feel.
Powerful, flexible, beautifully coded & documented mini map system for your GameMaker project.