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Anti-Sisyphus Bundle

A bundle hosted by Jared Sinclair
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Get all of Anti-Sisyphus (so far, anyway) all at once!

What is Anti-Sisyphus? How the hell should I know? It's a zine, I guess, but its short as hell. Like one sheet of paper folded in half short (hamburger style). I think the kids are calling them "zinis"?

What's in there, anyway? Probably like a couple of mechanisms or small systems for your old school fantasy role-playing game of choice. It's hard to say for sure. There's probably an editorial, as well.

An editorial? In a one-page zine? Yes, I have a writing degree, and I plan to make use of it. I'm sorry for providing such amazing value for your hard-earned dollar.

But like, is it good? Is it useful? Let me be perfectly clear: in no way is Anti-Sisyphus either of those things.

A low-water mark in RPG zine publishing. Get yours today!

Includes the following items:

An occasional zine for your old-school role-playing needs.
The second issue of an occasional zine for your old-school role-playing needs.