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Warsim: The Realm of Discounts!

A sale hosted by Huw2k8
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Hey Guys,

So in the last month Warsim has undergone a ton of development

A month ago we had the gender choice update as well as 246 other features, we've had a develop-a-thon that saw 50 new features added each day for a week which included a custom character creator and tons of other features.

We saw the goblin slaver update and the addition of spontaneous tournaments in the Arena. We saw the race selection update allowing for massively custom gameworlds.

We saw weird stuff like over 100 thousand new helmets like these added to the game

And we had the goblin update adding over 3 trillion new goblin faces among other features!

To celebrate tons of improvement and addition to the game I'm doing a 30% off sale, I think the game is already fairly cheap for what you get but I want to entice as many people who are on the fence into trying it as possible, this game is a project of passion that has been in development for years and I want as many RPG fans to give this as chance as possible!

If you have the game already but think a friend might like it let them know!


Huw Millward (Solo developer of Warsim)