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First Holy Cummunion and Other Obscene Sacraments

A bundle hosted by K. M. Claude
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A collection of tangled, grotesque relationships and the condemned caught in them.

An exquisite initiation to a too-wretched, too-truthful hell…an agonizing confession of misplaced guilt and a merciless god… a confirmation of puberty, perversity, and priesthood… an intimate marriage of lies, rejection, and dejection… a commitment to carnality, cruelty, and carving out culpability… an ending, a beginning, and the extreme sickness of a brutalized soul: this is the communion of sacraments at an altar where God does not go and the only Trinity is one of blood, death, and sex.

Now in this collection that perverts the language and imagery of holiness to shed light on an unholiness and inhumanity to which most would rather turn a blind eye, horror cartoonist K. M. Claude weaves a story of heartache, obsession, and human cruelty through snapshots among seven comics:

Baptism by Blood † First Holy Cummunion † Penance † Cuntfirmation † Matrimoany † Unholy Orders † Obscene Unction

Includes the following items:

a zine about sex, Catholicism, and clerical sexual abuse
a zine about identity, sex, and words made flesh
a zine about lies, sex, and damning contracts
a zine about contrition, sex, and cruel forgiveness.
a zine about secrets, sex, and loves left buried
a zine about respect, sex, and (dis)obedience
a zine about sex, death, and wretched relationships