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A sale hosted by Timothi Ellim
All items 80% off! or buy everything for $2.50! Regularly $13.96 Save 82%!
This sale ended 2018-12-31 06:00:00.

Memories are priceless. Make some today with these games that were made during stressful days at a games school. Get all of them for $2.50 :)

All proceeds go towards buying snacks for the Plasticity Team!

Plasticity team?

That's right! I'm currently finishing up my senior year at USC's Interactive Media and Games Division and am working with an awesome team to make a game called Plasticity!

What is Plasticity? 

Plasticity is a cinematic platformer about Noa, a curious young girl, who explores and attempts to change her post-oil, plastic-ridden world. Players will make choices that either help or harm the environment, and through their actions, come to see how their decisions shape and alter their journey and the future of Noa's world.  

(Plasticity is a USC Games Advanced Games Project (AGP) that was greenlit in March 2018 and will be completed by May 2019) 

Includes the following items:

A Game of Courage
An action-shooter inspired by XKCD's "FPS Mod"
Be a Space Whale and party with up to 20 friends over the Internet
Help your human client reduce their stress by collecting green cubes of calm!