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Retro Sound Effects Bundle

A sale hosted by unTied Games
All items 10% off! or buy everything for $5.40! Regularly $6.00 Save 9%!
This sale ended 2019-01-01 05:00:00.

A bundle including my retro sound effect packs! Below are some previews.


  • 10 coin sounds. Great for other collectible items, too.
  • 10 "die" sounds. Very arcade-like feel.
  • 10 explosion sounds. Suitable for any retro or pixel art action game.
  • 10 "hit" sounds. Good for different types of collisions.
  • 10 jump sounds. Find the sound that's right for your character!
  • 10 powerup sounds. They can double as "item use" sound effects.
  • 10 zap sounds. Pew pew!


  • 6 chiptune bird sounds. Add a little wildlife to your game!
  • 5 "crash" sounds. When heavy objects fall, they hit hard.
  • 5 falling sounds. Suitable for characters, enemies, and more!
  • 6 "fire ignite" sounds. Good for different attacks, abilities, or spells.
  • 10 item sounds. Find the sound that's right for your RPG item!
  • 5 chiptune scream sounds. They're more like ghostly wails, really.
  • 5 splash sounds. Even pixel water makes a splash.
  • 6 wave sounds. Tide comes in, tide goes out.
  • 5 wind sounds. Whoosh!
  • 5 UI sounds. Make your buttons feel responsive with a bit of sound.
  • 5 warp sounds. Because you can never have enough sci-fi sound effects!
  • 7 surprise miscellaneous sounds! What could they be...?

Includes the following items:

70 retro sounds, including coins, explosions, powerups, and more! Need the perfect jump sound effect? Gotcha covered!
70 retro sounds, including environment sounds, using items, fire igniting, falling, crashing, and more!